If your child has medication of any sort at school, please remember to come to the office to pick it up at the end of the school year.

We will not send it home with your child.

Anything left by June 19 will be thrown away.

School policy is that children will not be called to the office to wait for a parent to pick them up. Children miss a great deal of important class time waiting. Pleas plan accordingly.

Always report to the office when entering the building. Please do not interrupt the classrooms.

Thanks for your cooperation and helping keep our school safe.

Children must get a bike pass from the office before riding a bicycle to school. Children may not come to school with roller blades, roller skates, shoes that convert to roller blades, skate boards, scooters, or any other type of wheeled shoes.


Please notify the school office immediately. We need your new address and telephone numbers. If you move out of the Livonia district, your child may finish the year at Cleveland. However, you will need to enroll in the new district for fall.

Please report all absences to the 24 Hour/7 Days attendance line: 734-744-2701

It is the responsibility of the parents to phone the school whenever a child will be absent from school for any reason. Please only leave messages pertaining to absences or homework requests.

Please check our lost and found box when you are in the building. We have coats, boots, lunch boxes and lots of other things that need to return to their owners.

At the end of the year, all items are given away or disposed of!

Please keep the office advised of current phone numbers and emergency contacts. It is important in the event of a child's injury or illness that we are able to quickly reach someone.

Please drop off students in designated areas only and immediately move on. Do not park and allow children to run across traffic. U-Turns are not allowed.

Parents are asked to report to the school any time they find head lice on their children in order for the school to take appropriate measures. Keeping the condition secretive can lead to more cases or re-infestations. Children must be accompanied to school by a parent after treatment and will be examined upon return to school and must be nit free. Head lice treatment infomation is available through the school office. A letter will be sent home with all students in the classroom where the head lice have been reported.

Students are not allowed to charge lunches, in accordance with LPS District policy. Students who forget their lunches or money will be given a nutritional snack of graham crackers, an apple, and milk. Prepaid lunches can be arranged by sending a check or cash in the amount of $25 which will cover 10 lunches. It is a great way to make sure your child will always have a full lunch.

Cleveland Elementary School is one of six Livonia schools that receive funds from the United States Government under Title I, Part A for the 2008-2009 school year. Each school district selects specific schools on the basis of the percentage of students with economic disadvantages. In ours and most school districts selection is based upon the percentage of free and reduced lunch during October of the previous school year. To help overcome and academic disadvantage, funds are allocated to support targeted students at Cleveland who are struggling in the core academic areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students are identified for support based on district, state, and classroom assessments. If you have further questions regarding the Title I program at Cleveland Elementary School, please contact Cleveland Elementary School at 734-744-2700 or call Dr. Steve Taylor at 734-744-2615.