Mrs. Hedden

Hello and Welcome to Room 111!


I will be teaching first grade as well as my teammate, Mrs. Vrooman. We have worked together for over twenty years at Cooper and Cleveland.  Our educational philosophy is similar and our professional relationship is one of respect and trust.  Our teaching styles compliment one another and the students have enjoyed our humor as well as benefited from our structure and expectations 

The common goals for both classrooms are:

*Children are allowed to evolve developmentally.
*Multi-age fosters a cooperative spirit.
*Individual differences are celebrated.
*Build leadership in all students.
*Create a cohesive family atmosphere.

We will begin the year getting to know one another and sharing ideas.  Each child will be interviewed.  The children will ask questions to your son or daughter.  We will record the answers and compile the interviews in a class book.  

Your son or daughter will learn so much and you will be amazed at the growth they make both academically and socially. This will be a remarkable year of learning - full of curious and new ideas eager to work together!

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