Welcome to Kindergarten
School Supplies for Kindergarten

Most supplies will be shared as a class set.  No names are necessary on these items:

  • 24 No. 2 pencils (pre-sharpened)

  • 2 boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count or larger)

  • Hand sanitizer with a pump

  • 8 Large glue sticks

  • Lysol wipes

  • Baby wipes

  • Box of tissues

  • 8 dry erase markers (black)

  • Hand soap with a pump

  • 1-3 containers of 4 oz. Play-Doh

  • Watercolor paint set (these usually have 8 colors in a set)

  • Students with A-M last name – gallon size baggies

  • Students with N-Z last name – sandwich size baggies

- Paint shirt - an old adult sized shirt placed in a gallon zip top baggie with your child’s name on both the shirt and the bag.

- Child size headphones (for computer lab) in a zip top baggie with your child’s name on the bag.  We highly recommend headphones, over earbuds.


Ms. Banks

Ms. Magoulick

Mrs. Wichmann

Mrs. Wysocki