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Please visit my classroom news page for detailed lesson plans for each grade level and check out the pictures in "my slide shows" under photo albums.  I am currently working on these so check back often to see the wonderful things your children are doing in music class!  Please also check out the collection of apps designed to help your child learn to read music, hear different pitches, identify instruments, and create.  You can find a detailed list under MY RESOURCES.

This year I am delighted to be returning for a fifth year at Cleveland Elementary.  I am excited to work with the lower elementary students and provide a fun and rewarding learning experience.  The students of Cleveland will be singing, dancing, and learning through music.  Students will have an opportunity to explore instruments and learn about creating and performing.  Students have the opportunity to be "super star" performers in which two students sign up to perform for the class the next week.  Students may choose to sing, play an instrument, try an instrument that we have at school (piano, drum, maracas, etc).  The goal with providing opportunities for students to perform is to develop and refine confidence, performance techniques, accepting other students' likes/dislikes in music, and audience behavior.  Please encourage your children to participate and have a great time in music!  I look forward to an enjoyable year!

We were awarded an LPS founders grant this past year to purchase 11 tubano drums $1552!!!  This is a huge opportunity for our students to learn a real instrument as well as build unity and teamwork through their experiences.  These instruments work closely with our Leader In Me goals.  Studying percussion helps students learn and develop math concepts such as sorting, fractions, and addition.  Students will be learning to read music which helps them learn to track and keep up with a tempo.  Learning to read music in this manner will help students with reading written words and flow as well.
We will have a Cleveland Elementary Drum club again this year.  Look for details to come home soon!

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, concerns, or compliments.  I am eager to help all of my students reach his or her highest potential as a student and community member.  The best way to reach me is by email because I travel between  buildings and often do not have access to the school phone system.  My email address is