VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Eagles on the Run
Posted on 10/03/2016
Running ClubEagles on the Run is the fancy name for Cleveland's Running Club.  

Every day at recess, students have an opportunity to run or walk around a designated path to earn mileage.  For every lap they complete, they receive one stamp.  After 20 stamps, their card is complete and they receive a 5 mile charm for their necklace.  If students complete 6 cards (or 30 miles), they get to participate in the Color Run at the end of the school year! 

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We cannot do this without parent volunteers! We are looking for parent volunteers who are able and willing to stamp during our recesses. 

Here are the recess times:

10:30-11:00   1st Grade         (lower el playground)
10:30-11:00   4th Grade         (upper el playground)
2:10-2:40      Kindergarten     (lower el playground)
2:40-3:10      2nd/3rd Grade   (upper el playground)

To volunteer, you must have an ICHAT on file with Livonia Public Schools.